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Client Rights & Responsibilities

As a client of KCHC you have the right to:                

·      Be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity in a safe and secure environment

·      Have your privacy respected by all staff, volunteers, students and Board members.

·      Expect that your personal health information will be kept confidential

·      Know the name and professional designation  of the people providing you service and be assured that they are properly qualified to provide you care

·      Understand and agree to the care that we offer

·      Access your own files in the presence of a health care provider

·      Correct factual errors in your file

·      Refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences

·      Consent to or deny the release of your personal health information

·      Know about all of the services we offer at KCHC

·      Have the right to make a complaint regarding your care at KCHC

·      Have the right to know when you are receiving services of a student and the right to refuse these services

·      To know when any of these rights may not apply to safety or legal reasons


As a client of KCHC you are responsible to:


·      Be respectful and considerate of the staff, volunteers and other clients of KCHC.

·      Arrive on time for appointments and programs.

·      Let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel an appointment or can’t attend a program.

·      Let us know when your contact information has changed

·      Accept responsibility for the decision you make about your health care and follow through with your treatment plan.

·      Let us know if you do not understand any of the information given to you

·      Be aware that if you miss three appointments without notice you will be asked to seek care elsewhere.

·      Observe and respect KCHC policies.