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Parenting Programs

Bounce Back & Thrive

An 8 week parenting program that promotes children’s resiliency. Parent’s will create resilience-rich environments for their children by modeling resilient thinking and actions through their parenting. The group teaches parents to help children cope more effectively with life’s inevitable stresses and challenges, and introduces them to thinking skills that strengthens their capacity for lifelong resilience.

Right from the Start
During this eight week program for parents with children ages 0-2, parents will have the opportunity to develop interaction skills with their child.  This program fosters parent-infant attachment and is an opportunity to meet other parents and caregivers. 

You Make the Difference
This eight week parenting program for parents and children 6-30 months to learn and practice ways to connect and communicate with your child during everyday activities.

Encouraging Parents
This ten week parenting program focusing on children ages 2-5.  We help parents develop positive parenting skills that encourage positive behavior in your children and effective techniques to deal with common behavior difficulties.