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Parenting Programs

Bounce Back
This is a ten-week parenting program that equips parents with the skills to promote and develop children’s resiliency. This program works with parents to improve their own skills in recovering from life’s inevitable stresses and challenges, and then guides parents on how they can help children cope more effectively as well. Bounce Back introduces participants to thinking skills that strengthen their capacity for lifelong resilience. Parents will learn how to create resilience-rich environments for their children by modeling resilient thinking and actions.

Right from the Start
During this eight-week program for parents with children ages 0-2, parents will have the opportunity to develop healthy interaction skills with their child.  The aim of Right from the Start is to foster parent-infant attachment and help develop caring and secure relationships between the parent and child. We will identify effective approaches and tools to encourage positive interactions and practice these skills together.

This is also a great opportunity to meet other parents and caregivers, building a sense of community and support.  

You Make the Difference
This eight-week parenting program is for parents and their children (6-30 months). Participants will learn and practice ways to connect and communicate with their children during everyday activities. Communicating with your baby is key to developing a healthy relationship and building a sense of belonging for your child. 

Encouraging Parents
This an eight-week parenting program focusing on children ages 2-5.  We help parents develop positive parenting skills that encourage positive behavior in your children and effective techniques to deal with common behavior difficulties.

Healthy Parenting
The Healthy Parenting programs are designed to equip parents with the skills they need to care for their children and set them up for success, such as healthy cooking, parent self-care, and father-child bonding time. Programs include: Taste of Health (offered the first week of each month), Time for Dads (second week of each month) and Parenting Today (offered the third and fourth week). Contact for more information on topics or to sign up.

Welcome to Canada Parenting 
This eight-week program is for newcomers to Canada to learn about parenting in Canada, as well as resources and supports available to them in our community.  Interpreters may be available alongside our Family and Children Support Workers.

All for Your Baby
For babies from birth to pre-walkers, bring your child to learn rhymes and fun activities to help you build your baby’s brain. By focusing on attachment, language development and early learning, this program works with parents to set their children up for success in their futures.

Early Learning Access Group
A time for parents with children under 6 to learn play and explore together during an access visit.  Ask your Family Service Worker if you qualify.