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Community Initiatives

North of Princess Communities in Action
Community members, community groups and agencies who meet every two months to promote daily physical activity by reducing barriers, increasing capacity, and linking with existing resources, events and opportunities.   A Get Active Fair is held annually to promote fun and safe activities in North Kingston.

Community Response to Neighborhood Concerns
Residents and representatives from schools, police and local organizations meet each month to address issues of the community (defined as the area south to Railway Street, west to Division Street, North to Highway 401 and east to the Cataraqui River). We are currently working on the development of a Skateboard Park in Shannon Park.

Junior Community Response to Neighborhood Concerns
Twelve students (from Grades 5-8, attending Holy Family Catholic School, J.G. Simcoe Public School and Rideau Heights Public School), a staff representative from each of the schools and representatives from CRNC meet over the school year to talk about what is happening in their community. They plan and offer activities for the community.

BBKC Action Group
An advisory group to the staff who work at Better Beginnings for Kingston Children (BBKC). Membership of the Action Group consists of participants of BBKC, community advisors, and agencies.  Members are elected by the Action Group and serve a set term. Elections are held annually in October, and as vacancies occur.

Community Harvest Working Group (CHWG)
A group of community members and representatives from various organizations meeting and planning activities that provide access to healthy food for individuals and families living in the Rideau Heights area. CHWG established Community Harvest Market at Wally Elmer in 2009 which is open from June to late September. CHWG has organized From Earth to Table workshop series that teaches organic gardening, seasonal cooking and food preservation skills. Two years of providing workshops has resulted in a Workshop Series Facilitators' Guide. CHWG is exploring other opportunities to improve access to healthy foods.

Special Events Committee
Plans and implements affordable community events for families and individuals involved with KCHC. Events include trips to the beach, zoo and community wide BBQ’s. Membership on the committee consists of community members and service providers. The Committee is always in need of volunteers to assist with events.

Good Food Box
A community driven initiative that allows anyone to purchase an assorted basket of fruits and vegetables for less than the cost at the grocery store.  Pay for a food box at the beginning of the month (various sizes between $6 and $17 each) at your neighborhood volunteer or agency host site where you will also pick it up.  Purchases can be made from a neighborhood volunteer or agency host site at the beginning of the month and picked up on the third Thursday of the month. Boxes are prepared and packed by volunteers at the back of QECVI Secondary School from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Volunteers welcome!

Housing Action Coalition
An action-oriented coalition mainly focused on safe, affordable housing for everyone.

Compton Street Community Garden
Fifteen community garden plots on Compton Street Fire Lane and six garden plots by Splash Pad.

Social Issues Networking Group
A community-based coalition committed to taking action on issues that affect people living in poverty, including: community education, developing and carrying out strategies to address issues that affect those living in poverty, and providing an opportunity for community members, agencies, groups and coalitions to network, share information and partake in the various actions with which we are involved; and advocating change in public policy.  SING has successfully advocated for change in public policies and developed and implemented a variety of programs and initiatives to aid people living in poverty, including the KEAP program and the Back to School Campaign.  Volunteers are welcome! If you can spare two hours a month, are concerned with social justice issues, want to advocate for policy change, and would like to work with others to take effective action on pressing issues, SING may be a group for you!

Friendship Blooms Intergenerational Program
Friendship Blooms is a program that is all about bringing people together. Whether it is a group of seniors playing cards, socializing and laughing with one another; a group of senior chefs cooking healthy snacks and discussing Canada’s Food Guide with a classroom of students; a group of knitters teaching students to knit; a group of gardeners planting a community garden with a group of students; a group of seniors working on special craft projects with children at the Boys and Girls Club; senior participants spending an afternoon visiting with residents from a local retirement home; or a group of ladies planning a special event, the program values everyone’s unique skills and talents. The program promotes community engagement among children, youth and seniors and encourages seniors to contribute their knowledge, skills and wisdom to better our community and to positively impact our younger generations. Friendship Blooms brings together all of these different groups of people to spend time together, to learn from one another and to grow together.  We are always looking for new members and volunteers to join in on our activities!