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Settlement and Orientation Services

Settlement Services
Our Settlement Workers can help you adjust to your new life in Canada and get settled here in Kingston. We understand that moving somewhere new can be challenging and no matter how much you prepare, you will have many questions when you arrive, such as:

  • How do I get a Health Card, Driver’s License, or Bank Account?
  • Where can I learn English?
  • Where should my children go to school? How can I apply for college or university?
  • Where can I find food from my country?
  • How do I find a place to live?
  • Who can I talk to about my worries and fears?
  • How do I apply for Canadian Citizenship? Can I sponsor my family?
  • Can my family join me in Canada?

Initial Needs Assessment
On your first visit to our office, we will ask you to fill in our required paper work and answer certain questions so that we can fully understand your situation and your needs. We will also give you more detailed information about our services and our upcoming programs, workshops, and events. Please bring your immigration documents to your first meeting. All information you provide is kept strictly confidential, and will never be shared without your permission.

Information and Orientation
The staff at ISKA are trained to help you find answers to all the day-to-day questions that come up in your life as a new Canadian. These include questions about the community, education, health, housing and more. We also hold different workshops throughout the year; on important topics such as: Sponsoring a Family Member, Managing your Money, Filing your Income Tax, Introduction to the Health Care System, and more.

When the services you require are beyond what we can offer at ISKA, the staff will gladly refer you to an agency that is able to help. We will give you information about available services in the community and how to access them. We can help set up an appointment on your behalf, and if necessary, accompany you to your appointment. ISKA works closely with various community agencies to make sure you have access to the resources you need. Think of us as a gateway into the community!

Solution-Focused Counseling
Maybe you need more than just information, but also help and support.  Perhaps you need help filling out an application or calling someone on the phone.  Are you having troubles with your landlord, school, or at work? Maybe you just need someone to talk to. The staff at ISKA is trained to listen and support you without judgment and with complete confidentiality. If you want to meet privately with a staff member, just let us know.

Immigration Document Help
We provide basic immigration services such as providing you with the immigration forms you need, explaining the different immigration and citizenship processes (such as getting a permanent resident card, sponsoring a family member, applying for citizenship), and helping you find answers to your immigration questions through the Citizenship and Immigration website or call centre.

Please note we are NOT professional immigration consultants or lawyers.  Our staff are not qualified to provide legal advice or legal representation on your behalf. If you require legal advice or representation, we will refer you to a certified immigration consultant or immigration lawyer. We will work with you to find services that you can afford.

Group Information Sessions
Every month ISKA offers group information sessions that are open to the public and focus on a specific theme or topic related to settlement. These sessions are a great way to learn more about your community and make new friends. Past information sessions have included: How to find a doctor in Kingston, How to file your income taxes, Learning to Love Winter, Being a newcomer Parent in Canada, and more.

Translation Services
ISKA offers a paid service for official translation of documents required for immigration or other purposes. Please inquire by phone or at our office regarding rates and further details.


The ISKA Settlement team can help you with all your questions and help you find the resources in your community to make your adjustment easier and more comfortable.