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Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care services are available at 263 Weller Avenue to community members who live in North Kingston who do not already have a family doctor.  We are currently working through a waiting list.

The Primary Heath Care Team Includes:

  • Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians
  • Dietitians
  • A Diabetes Educator
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Foot Care Nurse
  • Students

Sexual Health
Our Nurse Practitioners offer a sexual health clinic open to:

  • Men and women 18 and under from anywhere in Kingston.
  • Men and women over 18–35 who live in north Kingston. 

Clinic care is confidential, non-judgmental, and sensitive to sexual orientation. 
Free pregnancy tests are available as well as discussion about options related to pregnancy. We also offer screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.
Birth control is available for clients at cost, all other services are free.

Prenatal and Obstetrical Care
We offer prenatal care and obstetrical services for registered clients.  Prenatal care is offered by nurse practitioners and physicians, and clients will be referred for delivery either to one of our physicians or to an obstetrician.  Clients who do not have a family doctor and who live in the North Kingston catchment area can see our nurse practitioner for prenatal care through the sexual health clinic, but will be referred to a physician or obstetrician later in their pregnancy for late prenatal care and delivery.  There is a waiting list for physician and obstetrical care at the centre.

Occupational Therapy
All residents of North Kingston as well as KCHC patients can access Occupational Therapy services. You can self-refer or you can have a health care practitioner refer you.

The Occupational Therapist will:

  • Provide education, practical information and skill training that can enable you to promote your own health through a balanced lifestyle in the areas of self-care, leisure, work, volunteer or homemaking activities.
  • Help you find ways to deal with disability, illness or the effects of aging.
  • Help you find ways to maintain your independence, and cope with chronic diseases.
  • Help you prevent falls and make your home safer.
  • See you individually, with your family, or in a special group. Visits can be made at NKCHC or at your home or work site.

Counseling and therapy services are offered to individuals, couples and families living in North Kingston as well as to patients, clients or participants at the Kingston Community Health Centres, Better Beginnings for Kingston Children and Street Health Centre.  In addition, a variety of groups are offered to both men and women on an on-going basis which encourage and promote skill development in the areas of self-care, wellness and the management of powerful emotions.   Clients may be referred or self-refer for these services.  There may be a waiting list at times for counseling services.

Foot Care
Our registered practical nurse provides foot care, including nail and other treatments, to residents of North Kingston or if not a resident, an enrolled patient, for significant health problems, such as: reduced mobility, dexterity, flexibility, reduced sensation in feet, unmanaged diabetes, poor eye sight as seen in macular degeneration, reduced flexibility as seen in back injuries or obesity

Clients can be referred by their medical practitioner or can self-refer. Participants in our Living Well with Diabetes class will also be offered an assessment visit if they fit the above noted criteria.  There is a waiting list for services. The foot care nurse will book an assessment visit as space becomes available and plan care following that visit. Not all clients who are assessed will be offered ongoing care.

Nutrition Services
Our Registered Dietitians offer nutrition counseling and healthy eating information in a variety of ways:

  • Individual Counseling for people who want one-on-one advice about specific nutrition issues such as prenatal and infant nutrition, weight management, food allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hepatitis and more.
  • Group Nutrition Appointments for people with similar health problems such as pre-diabetes, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Self-referrals as well as referrals from physicians, nurse practitioners and other allied health professionals are welcome. Clients and participants must live in the North Kingston catchment area or be a client of Kingston Community Health Centers.