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Our Team

Doctor, Nurse Practitioners, RPN
For one-on-one medical care.
Indigenous Nurse Practitioner
To provide culturally relevant care to off-reserve Indigenous population.
Indigenous Community Development Worker
Facilitates culturally relevant community development programs.
Traditional Medicine Person: Elder Healer
Promotes physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing through Traditional practices.
Social Worker 
For individual, couple and family counselling and group education.
Community Development Worker
Connects with community partners and agencies to access funding, grant proposals, assists with annual campaigns.
Registered Nurse/ Diabetes Registered Dietitian
Diabetes Education  Program is available to all residents over the age of 18, who are living with diabetes.We offer individual counselling. 
Advanced Foot Care Nurse 
Specialist foot care services for those in need of immediate attention.
Community Health Nurse
Facilitates programs throughout the community, provides health promotion and education.