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The Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP) provides harm reduction supplies, educational materials and knowledge exchange opportunities to Ontario’s 36 needle syringe programs. The OHRDP is funded by the Hepatitis C Secretariat, Ministry of Health and Long-term Care.

The goal of the OHRDP is two-fold:

  1. To increase the volume and diversity of harm reduction supplies being distributed through the Needle Syringe Programs in Ontario.
  2. To support the provincial Needle Syringe Programs in their efforts to increase access to knowledge, skills and tools to promote harm reduction approaches.

These goals aim to ensure that the community and clients served by each Needle Syringe Program are receiving the highest quality product, service and education achievable.

Upon request, all Needle Syringe Programs in Ontario have access to the following harm reduction supplies, free of charge, from OHRDP:

Safe Injecting Supplies

  • Sterile water
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Tourniquets
  • Filters
  • Vitamin C (acidifier)
  • Cookers

Opioid Overdose Prevention Supplies

  • Amp Snapers
  • Cases (for kits)
  • Muscle simulator (for training)
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Practi-amps (for training)
  • Rescue breathing barriers
  • Retractable syringes

Visit: OHRDP website