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Volunteering with Pathways to Education

Volunteer With Pathways to Education:

  • Do you like to work with youth?
  • Are you looking for valueable teaching experience?
  • Would you like to get involved in your community?

KCHC Pathways to Education is a community based program designed to provide education support which helps to reduce the drop-out rate among high school youth in disadvantaged communities. It also helps increase enrolment in post-secondary programs.

Volunteering Opportunities with Pathways to Education
Our volunteer opportunities include volunteer tutors and volunteer group mentors.
Depending on the type of placement, volunteers have the choice of any week day from Monday - Thursday of the week. The minimum time commitment is 3 hours between 2:45pm and 8:00 p.m.

Volunteer Tutors
As a volunteer tutor, you:

  • Commit to one evening per week for 3 hours to tutor students in small groups;
  • Tutor students with a range of abilities in subjects from all grades
  • Specialize in at least one subject (Math, Sciences, English, French or Social Sciences);
  • May be computer proficient to tutor in the computer lab.
  • Some of our students benefit more from a one-to-one match with a volunteer tutor. This requires the volunteer be matched with the same student every week for one hour.
  • Bilingual tutors are also needed to support our French speaking students in French immersion programs;

*Knowledge or willingness to learn techniques required for Special Education, ESL students, low literacy and/or Math basics is required.

Volunteer Group Mentors

Our volunteer group mentors should have knowledge in mentoring techniques working with youth, have experience in developing skills through fun and challenging activities, and feel comfortable adjusting the program according to mutual interests and talents in the group.

As a volunteer group mentor, you:

  • Are available to mentor a group of 6-12 students with at least one staff;
  • Facilitate or help facilitate activities in sports, teambuilding, arts, or cooking
  • Commit to a mentoring group, two hours, once per week (or every other week, depending on the session) for an eight-week session between October and June;
  • Offer ideas applying communication and negotiation skills to activities, a theme or a group project.


Expectations of the Pathways to Education Volunteer


As a Pathways to Education volunteer, you will receive written information on your rights and responsibilities as well as a clear description and an outline of expectations of your placement. As a volunteer, you are expected to participate in on-going training and keep Pathways to Education staff updated on successes and difficulties of our students. You will also be asked to log your hours and briefly describe each session's activities.  During orientation, you will be required to attend a two hour training session and provide a valid police reference check.

What we expect of our volunteers:

  • Share your motivation and background in becoming a volunteer;
  • Learn about the Pathways to Education program and the mission of the agency running the program;
  • Sign confidentiality, privacy, reference and contact information forms;
  • Give permission for a police reference check and names of two references to contact;
  • Sign up for training sessions;
  • Display regular and prompt attendance;
  • Respect confidentiality regarding issues concerning staff, students and the organization;
  • State any limitations that may impact the placement;
  • Communicate any concerns regarding students and staff;
  • Respond to the current high school culture and challenges Pathways' youth face.

For more information on volunteering with our program, please contact
Ellyn Clost-Lambert at 613.507.7107 ext. 2119 or