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Regional Self-Management

Self-management is the active participation of individuals in achieving their best health and wellness.

Self-management support is a range of organizational, community, and provider strategies to support the active participation of individuals in achieving their best health and wellness. It should be an integral feature of the health care organization and delivery of care.

"Primary health care providers have considerable potential to offer greater self-management support to people with chronic conditions, both during routine office visits and by linking patients with community-based programs."

(Health Council of Canada, 2012)


To coordinate self-management workshops which provide:

  • Individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively self-manage their chronic conditions
  • Health care providers with the education, skills and techniques to offer better self-management support.


  • Improve patient self-management and health outcomes
  • Increase the ability of health care providers to incorporate self-management support as a routine part of care.
  • We also provide professional development opportunities for health care providers and our leaders/facilitators, as well as encourage capacity building at a local and organizational level by supporting other self-management support initiatives.
  • Ultimately, working to build a stronger self-management support network in the region.

Community Lead

Danielle Deptuck
Program Administrator
P:613.542.2949 x1179
C: 613.484.8072

Health Care Professional and Mentorship Lead

Constantin Mugenga, RSSW, M.A, MSc.
Program Administrator
P:613.542.2949 x1180
C: 613.449.2399


Twitter: @LivingWellSMPSO