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Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction Supplies

People using injection and inhalant drugs can access clean, free, sterile equipment at Street Health Centre. We provide a variety of needles and syringes as well as sterile water, tourniquets, Vit C, spoons, stericups and alcohol preparation pads. We also provide filters, screens, glass stems, rubber tubing, condoms and biohazard bins for disposal. All products are provided for one-time use only.  Use of the Needle Exchange is strictly confidential.

Outreach is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 – 7:00 PM through the Street Health Centre van. Outreach may also be requested during weekday hours by phoning our clinic. We also recover and receive used needles at our site through outreach.

As of August 2017, sharps disposal bins are available for community use in 10 locations throughout the City of Kingston. Monitored and emptied by Street Health Centre staff, the bins are in place thanks to a partnership with the City of Kingston and KFL&A Public Health. See a map of the bin locations.

If you find a used syringe on the street, in a park or otherwise unsafely disposed of, give us a call.

OHRDP harm reduction supplies 2017

Needle Exchange Program - Supply Info Sheets:

1cc Insulin Syringe




Sterile Alcohol Swabs

Sterile Water



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